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Well Life ABQ is an Integrative Family Practice. Nutrition, Lifestyle, Supplements, Alternative Practices and Medications are combined to optimize health.

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New Infusion Check In
This is a review of a new infusion patient's medical history, medications list, allergies, and vitals, to ensure they are a good candidate for IV or infusion therapy.
COVID Rapid - $79 (call for appointment)
Open House - $0
Are you thinking about joining Well Life ABQ, but have questions? Reserve your slot to come by and check out our open house. Meet the providers and staff, and ask questions before starting a membership with Well Life ABQ.

Hormone Replacement

Pellet Insertion (non-member) $250+
A free consult must be scheduled prior to a pellet insertion appointment.

Our approach to hormone replacement is not one size fits all. For starters, beyond your baseline levels, we require post-pellet hormone levels to determine your safest dose. We also offer optional advanced hormone testing that evaluates how you METABOLIZE hormones. When we know HOW you metabolize hormones, we can provide the best hormone replacement safety.

Our pellets are yam based and meet the highest standards available. We offer testosterone, anastrazole, estradiol and progesterone pellets in multiple doses.

We recommend a mammogram within one year prior to starting estrogen replacement. We recommend a complete blood count and cholesterol testing prior to starting testosterone replacement. These tests can ordered or performed in the clinic. This is how we are best able to evaluate any untoward health impacts replacement might be having. Our clinic targets more conservative dosing for the best balance between benefits and risk.

The cost is $250 for the insertion plus the cost of the pellets. A typical cost for a female pellet is about $300. A typical cost for a male pellet is $400-500 depending on dose. We can offer these lower costs because we do not participate in the many "BRAND" programs that results in price markups. The truth is there are only a few pharmacies in the country licensed to make sterile hormone pellets, so there is no magic to these "brand" pellets.

A credit card is required to hold this appointment. Failure to show or canceling within our window, will result in a $50 charge.
HRT Follow Up - $75
For non-pellet patients, evaluations are required every three months for hormone replacement therapy (vaginal, topical). We do not offer troches, oral or injections. If you are a pellet patient, this appointment is rolled into your insertion appointment.

After 12months of no dose changes and stable labs, these follow up evaluations can be extended to every six months. For your convenience, these appointments can be conducted online after the initial evaluation.


40minute Ketamine Infusion - $377.56 (call for appointment)
QTC Physical (call for appointment)
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