Well Life ABQ
Well Life ABQ is an Integrative Family Practice. Nutrition, Lifestyle, Supplements, Alternative Practices and Medications are combined to optimize health.

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Meet and Greet - $0 (call for appointment)
Getting to know your provider and the clinic is important. Our Meet and Greet gives you an opportunity to see the clinic, meet the staff and discuss your health needs with one of our nurse practitioners. It also gives you a chance to ask questions about how our membership works. We think you will love it.
Blood Pressure Check
Blood Pressure Checks are for members of Well Life ABQ.
Open House - $0
Are you thinking about joining Well Life ABQ, but have questions? Reserve your slot to come by and check out our open house. Meet the providers and staff, and ask questions before starting a membership with Well Life ABQ.

Hormone Replacement

Pellet Insertion - $20
Our hormone pellet program is individualized to your needs.
We balance the benefits of hormone replacement with the risks and monitor you frequently. Our program is conservative and our goal is to maintain you within physiologic levels. This goal maximizes the benefits of hormone replacement therapy while limiting the risks associated with higher levels including clots and increased cardiovascular risk.

When choosing hormone replacement therapy, we highly recommend a one- time comprehensive hormone test called the DUTCH. This $350 test thoroughly examines "how" you metabolize hormones. This gives us the most information to replace hormones safely with the least side effects.
HRT Follow Up - $75
For non-pellet patients, evaluations are required every three months for hormone replacement therapy (vaginal, topical). We do not offer troches, oral or injections. If you are a pellet patient, this appointment is rolled into your insertion appointment.

After 12months of no dose changes and stable labs, these follow up evaluations can be extended to every six months. For your convenience, these appointments can be conducted online after the initial evaluation.
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